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Staff Partnerships and Value-Added Programming


Teachers specialize in sparking students’ curiosities and facilitate learning opportunities that prepare students for high school, jobs, and careers that don’t yet exist. They are trained in AVID strategies to promote writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization and reading in highly engaged classrooms. Staff members actively participate in staff development opportunities, locally and nationally, to promote student engagement, equity, culturally relevant teaching, empowerment and best practices. Classroom teachers are passionate about coordinating and facilitating authentic learning opportunities for all students in a way that makes the best sense for their contents. Teachers and staff members foster connections by mentoring Salk students through school-wide activities including: Jazz Band, Yearbook, GEMS (Girls in Engineering, Math and Science), Student Council, National Junior Honor Society, Science Club, Math League, and WEB Leaders. 

Value-Added Programming

  • STEM integration across ALL contents and grade levels
  • Numerous grade-level field experiences related to curriculum and learning targets
  • Classrooms and advisories foster problem-solving, goal-setting, organization, and reflection skills 
  • Washington D.C Civics Immersion Leadership Experience
  • STEM Adventure Trip (Florida or Space Camp)
  • Career lunches with community members and families
  • STEM Ambassador Program
  • Engineering and other STEM challenges during lunch and advisory
  • STEM Family Night


  • Minnesota Historical Society
  • University of Minnesota and Minitex
  • Minnesota Energy Center
  • Bank of Elk River
  • City of Elk River
  • AVID
  • Project Lead the Way
  • Northwest Suburban Integration School District
  • Junior Achievement’s BizTown

“Salk feels like home because people support you and make you feel welcome.”
- Shiva R, grade 7