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Curriculum and Programming


Our curriculum meets and exceeds state/national education standards. We not only engage but empower students by providing opportunities to learn the material and skills that are innovative and relevant in our interconnected world. Our STEM themes are integrated into each content area.

Complex learning tasks are scaffolded to support all learners while providing safe and welcoming environments for students to take academic risks and reach their highest potentials. Not only does Salk Middle School have an award-winning STEM magnet program, but our media center, physical education, FACS, art, and music departments are valued in their own right, and each integrates science, technology, engineering, and math topics into their curriculum. Cumulative projects and opportunities such as History Day and Science Fair are coordinated and facilitated across content areas to immerse students into performance tasks that model organizing action steps, carrying out experiments, designing solutions and researching student-derived inquiry questions. 

At Salk, we use technology intentionally for learning and for teaching. Students have their individual Chromebooks for the school year and use them to apply their learning in unique ways, often creating products that communicate their ideas, relationships, and new learnings. Students have access to other technologies, including Project Lead the Way modules, CNC machine router, 3-D printer, digital engraver, iPads, Vernier probe-ware, TI-Nspire handhelds, SmartMusic and many applications and Chrome extensions. The Project Lead the Way (PLTW) modules taught in Industrial Technology align with all high schools that offer PLTW content and often give students an edge in their high school PLTW classes.

Salk will help us in the future because it gives us the skills needed for success in the real world.” - Cal Y, grade 8