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Common Questions and Answers


Who Can Attend Salk?

  • Our free, public magnet program is open to students in ISD 728, Anoka-Hennepin, Brooklyn Center, Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose, Fridley, Osseo, and Rockford school districts. Students can apply through an online application in either sixth, seventh or eighth grade. If your student attends Weaver Lake, Tatanka, University Avenue or Rogers Elementaries, your child receives priority in the lottery because they are continuing their STEM pathway from elementary to middle school. Once accepted, they do not need to apply through the NWS lottery system again in this grade span. 

Is Busing Included?

  • Transportation is provided for all students selected in the lottery process. Students that are within Salk Middle School’s regular attendance zone DO NOT need to apply in the lottery. 

Do Students Take a specific STEM Class?

  • Our school features integrated STEM programming. This means that students experience STEM through each class, including social studies, english language arts, allied arts, music and physical education. STEM-specific activities are hosted through our multi-grade level advisory class, too. 

My child has a sibling currently attending Salk through the magnet program. Will my child receive priority in the lottery?

  • Yes, students who have a sibling attending our program for the current year, and the following academic year, receive preference in the lottery, as long as the application is received before the priority deadline.

My son/daughter is interested in the program, but s/he is not ready to commit to a middle school so early in the current school year. Should I submit an application?

  • Yes.  Our program typically has a waiting list. Students who apply for the first lottery (deadline is December 31st) significantly increase their opportunity of acceptance. 

If you have more questions, please contact the STEM Curriculum Integration Coordinator, Megan Heitkamp via email ( or telephone (763-241-3455, ext. 2528).