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Magnet Program Overview


Salk Middle School is a pre-engineering STEM magnet school serving grades 6-8 within the Northwest Suburban Integration School District. Our STEM themes enhance our curriculum and connect all content areas to the cornerstones of our magnet program--science, technology, engineering, and math. 

Our learning initiatives highlight the best parts of inquiry, project, and problem-based learning, and they offer opportunities for students to be in control of their own learning. Salk students engage in creative problem-solving on a regular basis,utilizing the scientific method, the engineering design process, the creative writing process, and the artistic design process. Cumulative projects and opportunities such as History Day and Science Fair are coordinated and facilitated across content areas to immerse students into performance tasks that model organizing action steps, carrying out experiments, designing solutions and researching student-derived inquiry questions. 

Teachers and staff at Salk Middle School recognize the importance of students’ families and communities. We involve families through engagement activities including STEM Family Night, the Salk 5K FunRun, school-wide leadership and planning teams, guest speakers, academic celebrations, music concerts, enrichment trips, and Science Fair and History Day project judging. As a magnet school within the Northwest Suburban Integration School District, we align with Weaver Lake, Rogers, University Ave, the CEMS program at Blaine High School, and the engineering and biomedical programs at Coon Rapids High School.

Priority application registration is open mid-October through the end of December with lotteries taking place beginning of January. To learn more about NWSISD, its application timeline and to apply via online application, please visit

If you have further questions, please contact the STEM Curriculum Integration Coordinator, Megan Heitkamp
-via email ( or telephone (763-241-3455, ext. 2528).

 “I feel so fortunate that I am going to school at Salk Middle School because Salk has challenged me to learn new things and to do my best.
At Salk I have done many projects, like Science Fair and History Day that I would not have had the opportunity to do at a non-STEM school. Salk has prepared me for high school and beyond because of the STEM curriculum and unique opportunities I get to do.”
- Elaina V, grade 8